پدال Look Kéo 2 Max Blade Clipless Pedals

1,399,000 تومان

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Easier, faster clip-in and out: the Kéo 2 Max Blade Clipless Pedal from Look
Blade technology applied to the Kéo 2 Max makes this pedal more aerodynamic and faster at the clip-in/out. It has a Large and wide platform (400 mm² x 60 mm) for excellent pedaling stability and good power transfer. As well as a new spindle system providing reduced platform height (14mm).

With only 120g per pedal, the Kéo 2 Max Carbon is one of the lightest pedals in its class. This is possible thanks to the use of injected carbon, which reduces weight while maintaining durability.

Q-Factor Adjustment:
The new LOOK spindle’s 14 mm thread length enables Q-Factor to be adjusted by 2 mm using a special spacer available as a spare part. This increases from 53 to 55 mm.

Body Material: composite with stainless steel contact surface
Axle Material: CroMo
Bearings: 2 ball, 1 needle
Spindle/Sole Height: 14 mm
Contact Surface Width: 60 mm
Pedal/Crank Distance: 53 mm (can be lengthend to 55 mm)
Release Tension: 8 Nm

– 1 pair of Look Kéo 2 Max Blade clipless pedals

-white / 8 Nm : 120 g (pro Pedal)

اطلاعات بیشتر

وزن 120 g
نام برند

مبدا برند


مدل سال

درجه سبکی

مواد سازنده

ارتفاع زیره


عرض سطح تماس


نیروی آزادسازی


جنس شفت


فاصله پدال تا قامه

53 میلی متر (قابل تغییر تا 55 میلی متر)

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پدال Look Kéo 2 Max Blade Clipless Pedals

1,399,000 تومان

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