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Solid bearing technology for your SRAM/Truvativ cranks: the GXP bottom bracket by SRAM Truvativ

GXP is different — and better. Other systems rely on side-loaded bearings to eliminate play, causing bearing wear. GXP captures the left-side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm and allows the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle. There’s no need to side-load bearings during adjustment. No excess wear. And a much simpler installation.

Technical Information:

Cup Material: aluminium, CNC machined
Bearings: cartridge, sealed
Threads: BSA or ITA
Shell Width: ۶۸/۷۳ / ۷۰ / ۸۳ or 100 mm
Other: anodized

Model Index:

– Threads: BSA
– Shell Width: 68/73mm
– Finish: Team (Wolfram grey)
– Factory Number: 00.6415.045.000

– Threads: ITA
– Shell Width: 70mm
– Finish: Team (Wolfram grey)
– Factory Number: 00.6415.001.000

BSA 83:
– Threads: BSA
– Shell Width: 83mm
– Finish: Team (Wolfram grey)
– Factory Number: 00.6415.045.060

BSA 100:
– Threads: BSA
– Shell Width: 100mm
– Finish: XR (black)
– Factory Number: 00.6415.045.070

Note: when using the GXP Team bottom bracket with road cranks, due to technical issues, a spacer cannot be used! Spacers are only included with the BSA version. The ITA version does not include a spacer.


– ۱ x SRAM Truvativ GXP bearing cup (Team or XR) left, incl. bearings
– ۱ x SRAM Truvativ GXP bearing cup (Team or XR) right, incl. bearings
– ۱ x SRAM Truvativ GXP center tube
– incl. spacer (only the BSA version)


-grey-black / BSA : 106 g

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