ست کامل دنده 12سرعته SRAM NX Eagle Direct Mount Trigger 1×12 32 DUB Groupset 2018 Model

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Series: GX Eagle
Application: Trail, Enduro
Circuit: 12-way (mechanical)
Crank: 175.0 mm (gradation: 32 teeth)
Cassette: 10-50
Rear derailleur: long cage
Handle: Trigger / Clamp (closed)


ست کامل دنده 12سرعته اسرم 2018 SRAM GX Eagle Direct Mount Trigger Gruppe 1×12 32T

Eagle™ Technology revolutionized the mountain bike experience by offering riders a 1x drivetrain solution that is purpose-built to be lightweight, strong and intuitive, with the gear range to ride on any terrain. NX Eagle™ drivetrain is the newest addition to the Eagle™ 1x ecosystem, and shares technologies with XX1, X01 and GX drivetrains, which makes it 100-percent compatible within the Eagle™ ecosystem. NX Eagle™ delivers an ease of entry that will bring the benefit of Eagle™ performance to more riders than ever before.

Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes:

Please follow the Guidelines for the parts replacement of CE marked E-bikes / pedelecs with pedal assist.


Series: NX Eagle
Application: Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, E-Bike
Gearing: 12-speed (mechanical)


Crankset: 175.0 mm (32 tooth)
Cassette: 11-50 t
Rear Derailleur: long cage
Shifter: trigger / Matchmaker X / Discrete Clamp

Additional Parts Needed:

The bottom bracket is not included.
SRAM recommends using DUB Pressfit 30 MTBDUB Pressfit MTB 41 x 89.5-92 mmDUB BB30 MTB 72 x 73 mm or DUB BSA MTB bottom brackets.

Note: an XD driver is not required!

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وزن 2049 g
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ست کامل دنده 12سرعته SRAM NX Eagle Direct Mount Trigger 1x12 32 DUB Groupset 2018 Model