Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution ADDIX Soft snakeskin apex 27.5 لاستیک

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وزن 960 گرم

TL Easy

The favourite among downhill and enduro experts: Magic Mary folding tyre by Schwalbe

The perfect choice for virtually any track. Intermediate tread: maximum brake traction and corner grip even on extremely muddy terrain thanks to strong shoulder studs and the aggressive, open tread design.


Application: Enduro, Downhill,
Product Line: Evolution Line (competition)
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: TL Easy

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: ADDIX Soft
Tread: HS 447
Carcass: ۶۷ tpi
Sidewalls: SnakeSkin, Apex

Strengths / Weaknesses:

Rolling Resistance: ۳ (out of 6)
Road Grip: ۳٫۵ (out of 6)
Off-Road Grip: ۵٫۵ (out of 6)
Protection: ۴ (out of 6)
Durability: ۳٫۵ (out of 6)

Model Index:

Dimensions: ۲۷٫۵ x 2.6″
ETRTO: ۶۵-۵۸۴
Air Pressure: ۱٫۲ – ۲٫۶
Load Capacity (max.): ۱۱۵ kg
Factory Number: ۱۱۶۱۰۱۰

Dimensions: ۲۷٫۵ x 2.8″
ETRTO: ۷۰-۵۸۴
Air Pressure: ۱٫۲ – ۲٫۶
Load Capacity (max.): ۱۲۰ kg
Factory Number: ۱۱۶۱۰۱۲

The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre. To check if the tyres are suitable for your total weight (rider + bicycle) you can double the amount because your total weight is spread over two tyres.


The very best possible. Highest grade materials. Latest technology.

ADDIX SOFT is a compound that bridges many disciplines. It’s just as at home in the enduro and downhill world as it is in the demanding discipline of all-mountain and trail riding. It also impresses when used in combination with other ADDIX tires – more speed: Soft on the front, Speedgrip on the back. Or more damping: Ultra Soft on the front, Soft on the back. Rides superbly and provides impressively good damping. That’s ADDIX Soft. Schwalbe has dug deep in the tire builder’s bag of tricks to create the perfect balance between the two. The result is a compound that’s amazingly good fun and yet is significantly more durable than the previous TrailStar compound. Tip: ADDIX Soft is also ideal for e-MTBs. Here it really plays to its strengths of “great damping and powerful grip”, and due to the optimized low-temperature properties it does this all year round!

A light and flexible carcass makes the tire highly resistant to scrubbing.

Tubeless Easy
The Schwalbe variant of the Tubeless Ready tires. Here, the conversion is particularly simple.


– ۱ x Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution ADDIX Soft Apex 27+ folding tyre


-black / 27.5×2.60 : 960 g
-black / 27.5×2.8 : 1000 g

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