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Description of Renthal Fatbar 35 Riser Handlebar – black

The Renthal Fatbar has already gained cult status and is the handlebar of choice for World Cup downhill race teams and athletes. Six World Championship gold medals have been won using the Fatbar, cementing it as one of the most successful race products of all time.
Renthal designed the Fatbar 35 to be the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability and to share the same flex characteristics and ride feel of the 31.8mm diameter Fatbar. The Fatbar 35 also offers the same wide choice of four different rise options, to suit every bike and rider.


  • ۷ Series Aluminium:
    The Renthal Fatbar is constructed from exclusive, high strength, 7 series aluminium. The material and specific heat treatment processes have been carefully selected to give the ultimate in strength and durability.
  • Shot Peened:
    Millions if tiny steel shot are blasted at high velocity at the Fatbar 35, leaving a textured surface finish. This process vastly increases the fatigue life and hence durability of the handlebar.
  • Hard Anodized:
    The unique Alu/Gold color is achieved through a hard anodizing process. This surface treatment is far superior in abrasion resistance to standard anodizing, to keep your Fatbar 35 looking new.
  • Positioning Grid:
    Laser marked onto the center of the handlebar, a detailed set-up grid ensures you can centralize the bar in the stem and set your preferred angle accurately.
  • Width Marks:
    Laser marked width marks allow you to cut the bar accurately, to suit your riding style.
  • Permanent Graphics:
    Chemically applied and oven cured permanent graphics are super hard wearing and provide a subtle aesthetic look to coordinate with any bike.
وزن 305 g
نام برند

مبدا برند

مدل سال

مواد سازنده


800 میلی متر


10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm

زاویه ها

7° backsweep, 5° upsweep

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