مایع تیوبلس Peaty’s 120ml Trail Pouch

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Quantity – 120ml Trail Pouches
• Market leading durable sealant that won’t readily dry out or ball up – lasts 6-9 months
• Unique Nanoplatelet technology – acts like platelets in the blood to quickly seal large holes
• Non hazardous, non-toxic and completely biodegradable


Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant 120ml Trail Pouch (Retail Single)

Our unique trail pouch has been designed to get you started with enough sealant to do two 27.5″ wheels, and to be the perfect emergency refill when out on the trails or at the races.

Chuck it into your trail bag, glovebox or toolbox and use the 60ml filling guide printed onto the rear of the pouch to assist with topping up. The spout has also been designed to assist with injecting through a de-cored valve, or directly into the tyre – whichever you prefer!

Don’t throw it away though – simply refill your old pouch from our 1ltr workshop bottle and you’re good to go again!

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مایع تیوبلس Peaty's 120ml Trail Pouch