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Description of Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe – 10 white/black

The Tribute is a shoe for a demanding triathlete who wants to have a good value for the money. 2 straps closing system, high stability and good ventilation. A combination of funtional fabrics guarantees a optimum stiffness at low weight. The easy slip in reduces the changing time between swimming and cycling to save the deciding seconds. Pressure points are being minimized by the seamless shaft for allowing a comfortable, intensive and long lasting contact between feet and shoe.

ST 7:5 carbon composie sole: Made of carbon and fibre glass this sole convinces with low thickness and perfect stiffness. ۲ Straps closing system: Traditional closing system with two Velcro straps. Excellent closing with reduced pressure points. Omega heel: The Omega heel guarantees a good heel retention. The special shape supports the heel at maximum pressure and offers a comfortable and permanent fit. Performance Pro footbed: Lightweight and anatomical design. It’s stiffness transmits the whole power on the pedal without loosing any energy. The footbed guarantees maximum comfort, with ventilation channels and holes that reduce overheating of the foot during exertion.

• Carbon Light sole made of carbon and fibreglass with a stiffness index of 10.0 and 4 vents for constant airflow
• NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the lowest stack height between foot and pedal
• Triathlon-specific upper made of fast-drying microfibre with an easy entrance system that saves seconds
• ۲ straps with velcro on top for side locking
• Omega heel retention system prevents any slipping

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