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Description of Northwave Phantom Carbon Road Shoe – 73 lobster orange / black

The Northwave Phantom Carbon Shoe features a Skin Overlap upper construction for a comfortable and perfect fit and more efficient pressure distribution throughout the foot for maximum comfort. It is equipped with the SLW2 knob with 2 asymmetric hook and loop fasteners: the only one with gradual loosening and complete opening at the push of a button.

It is compatible with the NW Speedplay adapter for less foot-to-pedal distance. The adapter is not included.

Speedplay Adapter (not included): Smallest distance between the foot and the pedal. Northwave has teamed up with SpeedPlay to develop a patented adapter that provides maximum power transfer to the pedal, thanks to the small thickness of 0.5mm (instead of 3mm on standard adapters). Made of polyamide with a thin aluminum plate (saves 8.5g) it respects the natural anatomy of the foot and reduces the distance between the pedal and the shoe, no matter in which position. Superfluous elements have been omitted to save weight.

Biomap System: The upper offers optimal fit, perfect fit, elasticity, breathability, protection and comfort.

Carbon Light sole:Carbon Light sole made of a carbon fiberglass composite with a stiffness index of 10.0 and 4 ventilation holes for constant ventilation.

Integrated Heel System: The new one-piece construction incorporates an efficient heel retention system with no external elements. Same efficiency, less weight.

SLW 2:Maximum precision and ease of use. The side control knob has two functions: for step-by-step opening, simply press the button – or lift the button to fully open the shoe immediately. The ergonomic shape of the closure is adapted to the natural shape of the foot. For extra comfort with minimum height and weight. The outer elastic cover ensures easier and better usability. The special rope used makes use of the best technologies available in sailing and can simply be replaced in the event of a fall.

Regular Fit:By measuring hundreds of different feet as well as countless prototypes and tests, Northwave has developed the perfect shape for a 100% power transfer directly to the pedal. The toe area has just the right amount of space to make no numbness. The slightly offset instep and the special, tight-fitting design in the heel area keep the foot in the correct position every time the pedal rotates to prevent unwanted movement.

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