Northwave Galaxy Photocromatic Glasses matt black/white عینک

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Material: Polycarbonate
Shape: 2 single lenses
Thickness: 2mm
Water repellent


Nose pads: Adjustable
Temple tips: Adjustable
Fit: Regular
Base: 7
Tech: Air Flow System

LENS TYPOLOGY: Photocromatic

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Description of Northwave Galaxy Photocromatic Glasses – 09 matt black/white

The semi-open frame provides optimum ventilation and anti-fog abilities. With high-quality workman-ship, striking design, adjustable temple tips and best equipment. The nose bridge and temple tips are made of Megol which is a hypoallergenic and very soft material. It improves the adherence of the glasses to the face, thus avoiding annoying slipping. The lensse are photocromatic.

Polycarbonat lenses with optimum visual features are especially shock-proof and light as a feather. UV rays become completely absorbed. The lense’s surface is hardened and abrasion and solvent proof.

off-center lens. The accentuated bend of the glasses guarantees total protection of the eyes from potentially harmful environmental influences like sunrays or insects, but can distort visions. Because of this, the Tour is equipped with decentered lenses to correct and equalize the vision field, the vision is normal and the eye doesn’t fatique. The lenses are especially sleek. Waterdrops roll of traceless and the surface stays dry without spots distorting the view.

AirFlow System: The side channels provide enhanced ventilation even if the glasses have a snug wraparound design.

GRILAMID ® TR 55 LX: Primarily designed for high-quality eyewear frames, this plastic is impact resistant, lightweight, and non-allergenic so it doesn’t irritate the skin. Featuring exceptional toughness, strength and resistance to stress cracking, it offers excellent retention of its properties after prolonged exposure to the weather. Extremely flexible, safe and resistant, Grilamid ® guarantees durability and comfort which is why it’s used in Northwave products.

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Grilamid ® TR55 LX

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Northwave Galaxy Photocromatic Glasses matt black/white عینک

630,000 تومان1,197,000 تومان

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