Giro Feature MIPS Helmet 2016 – matte black / lime / flame کلاه

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وزن 325 گرم

All Mountain, Trail Ride, Touring, E-Bike

Description of Giro Feature MIPS Helmet 2016 – matte black / lime / flame

MountainBIKE 05/2015 – Verdict: Good! 
bike 09/2013 – Verdict: Very good! The feature MIPS helmet is perfect for Trailride and Super-D mountain bikers. A style that mixes loose skate styling with extras like screwed-on Motostyle visor and Fit system for extra stability with plenty of ventilation. The MIPS feature is what you need to rock the hardest runs.The MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) consists of a moveable shell inside the helmet that follows the head movement (10-15mm) and absorbs any rotational energy that may be present to protect the brain.The In Form ™ Fit SystemAdaptation system is a robust, stable system. The large, but still flat dial can be easily operated even with thick gloves. The system can also be adjusted in height, so that the inclination of the helmet can be adjusted. The helmet is safe and firm, especially on rough trails.For the In-Mold ™ constructionthe robust polycarbonate outer shell is glued to it during the foaming of the impact-absorbing EPS inner shell in one operation. The helmet becomes even more resistant, without additional weight. This production process also makes it possible to form much better ventilation systems and vents. In-Mold helmets are lighter than traditional helmets and have much better ventilation systems.The Super Fit ™ EngineeringSize system is the basis of Giro’s product design and development process. Giro’s many years of experience allow them to draw on a vast amount of measurement data from a wide variety of head and face shapes during development. After a variety of intensive tests in Giros laboratories, the product undergoes further hard practical tests and is put through its paces by Giros’ team riders. This is followed by an optimization until a maximum of fit and comfort is achieved. Compromises regarding quality and functionality are not made by Giro.Note: Size equals head circumference. Please measure before!

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