Fox Racing Shox 34 Float 29″ 130 Grip Rhythm دوشاخ

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OEM Packaging: this item comes from the original equipment manufacturer and is lacking the retail packaging.


Application: Cross Country
Wheel Size: ۲۹″
Type: air
Travel: ۱۳۰ mm
Steerer Tube: ۱ ۱/۸″ – ۱٫۵″ tapered
Axle Type: thru-axle (15 x 110 mm)
Brake Mount: disc PM6 (direct mount 160 mm)

Technical Information:

Offset: ۵۱ mm
Steerer Tube Length: ۲۵۸ mm
Steerer Tube Diameter (Stem): ۲۸٫۶ mm
Steerer Tube Diameter (Crown Race): ۴۰ mm
Axle to Crown: ۵۴۰ mm
Over Locknut Dimension: ۱۱۰ mm
Steerer Tube Diameter: ۳۴ mm
Steerer Tube Material: aluminium
Crown Material: aluminium
Stanchion Tube Material: aluminium (grey ano)
Lower Tube Material: magnesium

Approved For:

Tyre Size (max.): ۲۹ x 2.3″ , 27.5 x 3.0″
Note: Any tyre size greater than 29 x 2.35″ or 27.5 x 2.70″ must be checked with fork fully compressed and have a minimum of 6 mm tire to crown clearance.
Rotor Size (max.): ۲۰۳ mm

Adjustment Options:

Compression: ۳ position adjust
Rebound: yes
Suspension Stiffness: air pressure adjust
Remote: retrofit


Inspired from moto, the new GRIP damper uses Fox’s FIT sealed cartridge technology combined with a coil-sprung, independent floating piston. GRIP allows excess oil to purge through specially designed ports at the top of the damper to maintain consistent damping and increase durability. Performance Series forks provide Open, Medium, and Firm modes with additional micro-adjust between settings.

Float Air Spring:
The Float air spring system developed for 32, 34 and 40 is lighter and reduces the force to initiate travel, providing excellent sensitivity and small bump compliance for all riders and pressure settings.
Similar to Fox’s Float rear shocks, the new Float system features positive and negative air springs that automatically equalize during use to give each rider the right pressure balance.

Air Volume Spacers:
With air volume spacers, the fork can be tuned to match the riders riding style. The progressiveness of the spring curve can be adjusted, allowing riders to fine-tune the feel of the air spring.

Model Index:

۱۳۰ mm / 1.5″ tapered / 15 x 110 mm:
– Travel: 130 mm
– Steerer Tube: 1 1/8″ – 1.5″ tapered
– Brake Mount: disc PM6 (direct mount 160 mm)
– Axle Type: thru-axle (15 x 110 mm)
– Factory Number: 910-16-711 (matte black), 910-17-404 (shiny black)


– ۱ x Fox Racing Shox 34 Float 130 suspension fork

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