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وزن 328 گرم

M = 52-58cm

Description of Casco Cuda Mountain Helmet – olive-orange

MountainBIKE 05/2015 – Test Rating: Very Good!Extremely compact freeride helmet with extraordinarily effective ventilation. The attractive rear design offers an efficient protection of lower rear of head.

It is manufactured in Casco Monocoque-Inmold-Plus-process. Outer shell and shock absorbing inner shell are joined to an inseparable compound. This creates a lightweight as well as extremely solid composite with highest stress values, maximum stiffness and shock absorption with perfect joint finish. Internal all around pc-frame offers maximised security. Impact energy is passed to a larger surface, ensures that keyparts of the helmet cannot fall apart during multiple impact. A sophisticated ventilation system with a large number of vents guarantees for optimized air ventilation. The helmet is perfectly adjustable at the riders head with Cascos Disk-Fit-System. CASCO-Loc is a patented quick release fastener which makes it easy to open the helmet.

Colored Casco stripes are also separately available for replacement. The stripes guarantee a 360 degree visibility because of reflector stripes.

Available Sizes
M = 52-58cm

Please measure your head size to get the right helmet size.

Approval standards

The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe. Please use the helmet only for the purposes of the application and the regulations for your country.
Please read the instructions for use carefully. Mishandling of the helmet can lead to serious injury or even death. No longer use the helmet if you have the helmet may be damaged, this is especially the case. The helmet wearer is solely responsible for his actions. CASCO International GmbH takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the helmet.

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