سینی بیضی طبق جاده Rotor Chainring Road, 5-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm Bolt Circle 53T

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For a top performance: the oval road chainrings from Rotor

In the history of Rotor, the Q-Rings have already been chosen by many professional cyclists and triathletes. The biggest wins ever were won, including Olympic gold medals, Tour de France victories, over 25 Ironman victories and over 20 MTB, Road, TT and CX World Championships. These achievements alone speak for the class of Rotor Q-Rings.


Application: Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross
Attachment: 110 mm Bolt Circle , 5-Arm
Teeth: 53T Switching stages
: 2x9x , 2x10x, 2x11x
Execution: Oval 10%

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum (7075-T6)


– for rotor and cranks of other manufacturers *
– number OCP: 5 (4 at 34-50Z)
– 34 to 42 teeth for inside, 44 to 53 teeth for outside
– 100% CNC-made
– black anodized, laser etched
– steel climbing aids

* You will find an exact compatibility overview on the Rotor Homepage .


Oval Chainrings
Biomechanical studies show Q-Rings perform better than conventional chainrings. The effect is achieved by making the largest muscle groups in the legs more effective and eliminating dead center on kicking. Overall, this results in a much smoother and rounder ride, with less fatigue on the muscles. The biggest benefits of using the Q-Rings are the significant improvement in overall fitness through improved kick, greater sprinting capabilities through the elimination of dead center, slower muscle fatigue, and ultimately increased cardiovascular endurance for athletes.
During a submaximal test followed by a time trial over a distance of 1 km, it was demonstrated that the Q-Rings reduce heart rate and oxygen consumption while achieving 1.6 seconds better performance than round chainrings.

Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) stands for the variety of adjustments that Rotor Q-Rings offer to accommodate the specific riding characteristics of the rider. Q-Rings have up to 5 OCPs (Road) or up to 3 OCPs (MTB). These positions help to optimize your pedaling behavior.
You can choose your OCP if you know your optimal OCA, which you can determine through a Torque 360 ​​kick analysis with the Rotor 2INPower and INPower user software.


– 1 x Chainring Rotor Road Q-Ring


-black / 53 tooth: 75 g

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Bolt Circle

110mm, 5Arm

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2×9/10/11-speed road bike drivetrains

فروشگاه بایکیوو Bikevo

سینی بیضی طبق جاده Rotor Chainring Road, 5-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm Bolt Circle 53T

1,350,000 تومان1,980,000 تومان