ست توپی طوقه MAVIC CROSSMAX SL PRO 29

10,000,000 تومان10,500,000 تومان

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The pair of wheels Mavic Crossmax SL PRO 29 “ of 2016 , delivered without tires, is ideal for the practice of ATV Cross Country and Trail . Versatile, it is the symbolic wheel of the French brand , the lightest, most reliable and the best performers.

These wheels, with the ISM 4D machining technology  , are 15% lighter, guaranteeing the lowest possible inertia for faster ascents and acceleration, better handling. The smooth profile also reduces the air resistance.

The ISOPULSE technology used for the umbrella of the rear wheel makes it possible to  transmit energy as accurately as possible , as well as better stability. The use of radial spokes, on the free-wheel side, and cross-spoke radii at 2, opposite to the freewheel, ensures a better balancing of the spoke tension, for increased stiffness against high stresses.

  • QRM + high quality adjustable cartridge bearings with double sealing.
  • Tubeless compatible .
  • Compatible with Shimano and Sram  M11 , compatible with XD (optional).
  • Zicral spokes, a rigid and solid alloy  .
  • Fore technology for a rim 4 times more resistant and 20% more rigid thanks to the drilling of only one of the two walls that compose the rim.
  • MAXTAL aluminum alloy rim 30%  stronger  than 6106 alloy, for a stronger and lighter wheel.
  • Supplied with quick release, rear quick release adapters, UST valve and accessories, rear 12x142mm adapters, multifunction key, user guide.

اطلاعات بیشتر

وزن 1595 g
نام برند

مبدا برند

مدل سال

مواد سازنده



طول شفت

12-142 / 15-100, 12-148 / 15/110

نوع مغزی

کشویی, اسرمی XD



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ست توپی طوقه MAVIC CROSSMAX SL PRO 29

10,000,000 تومان10,500,000 تومان