دوشاخ Fox Racing Shox 36 TALAS 160 FIT RLC 27.5

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With a flick of a lever, you can adjust Fox’s 36 TALAS FIT RLC down to 120mm for easy climbing, then open it back up and pin the descent with 160mm of Kashima-enhanced, super smooth travel. It even has a lockout for those really smooth climbs. Sure it can climb, but pointing it downhill is where things get really exciting. The adjustable rebound and low-speed compression let you custom tune the fork for everything from big hits to small bumps, while the FIT damper keeps air and oil separate, ensuring smooth, fade-free suspension action on even the nastiest trails. Stiffness-wise, huge 36mm-diameter stanchions and a 20mm through-axle give you unprecedented rigidity and steering precision for charging through the rocks, roots and off-camber ugliness.

Learn more about Fox’s ultra-smooth Kashima-Coated stanchions.

Fox's gold-colored Kashima coat.

For the best suspension yet, Fox has brought Miyaki Company of Japan’s legendary Kashima Coat to its fork stanchions. You can recognize it by the unique gold color. This coating, which is four times harder than hard-anodized aluminum, made its name in car and motorcycle suspensions and drivetrains, and now you can enjoy all its amazing benefits. These include super low friction, excellent abrasion resistance and durability, and significantly better lubrication characteristics. In short, this fork is way more reactive, soaks up even tiny bumps and lasts longer with less maintenance, too.

Learn more about Fox’s 20QR through-axle system.

Fox’s 20QR through-axle system boasts a hollow forged axle for outstanding strength and stiffness and minimal weight. Plus, the axle is held in place by quick releases so you can remove the wheel without tools.Specs

Travel: 120mm/160mm, adjustable

Wheel Size: 27.5-inch

Brake Compatibility: Post-mount disc

Steerer Diameter/Material: 1 1/8, aluminum

Stanchion Diameter/Materials: 36mm, aluminum

Dropouts: 20mm through-axle

Spring: Air

Damper: FIT RLC

Lockout: Lever-actuated

Tunability: Rebound, lockout force, low-speed compression, TALAS 2-position travel adjust

Weight: 4.67 pounds

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وزن 2118 g
نام برند

مبدا برند


مدل سال



36 میلیمتر

نوع شفت

20mm through-axle


3 positions

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اندرو, تریل, دانهیل



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دوشاخ Fox Racing Shox 36 TALAS 160 FIT RLC 27.5

8,998,875 تومان21,600,000 تومان

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