دوشاخ Fox Factory 32 Kashima coat 29 Remote

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Fox Suspension 32 Float CTD FIT Factory Series Forks

These lightweight and durable air mountain bike suspension forks will take on anything from XC racing to flying at the bike park.

Factory Series forks with Trail adjust offer an extra 3 clicks of Trail mode adjustability. Once the lever is set to trail mode, the soft, medium, and firm settings allow you to dial in performance with the perfect level of low-speed compression damping.


  • Steerer: 1 1/8″-1.5″
  • Spring: Air
  • Riding Style: XC, Trail, AM
  • Adjustments: Trail adjust tuning (3 positions), Rebound, Air spring pressure
  • Damping: Climb/Trail/Descend (3 positions)
  • Lower leg: 15QR thru axle system, post style disc brake mounting


  • CTD: Climb. Trail. Descend. CTD is Fox’s integrated ride dynamics system that makes it easy to set up your fork and shock to work together for unprecedented performance in all types of terrain. It’s intuitive to use and can be instantly activated while riding. Just select one of three modes, Climb, Trail, or Descend.
  • 15QR: Don’t sacrifice performance by going with a pinner skewer. Fox teamed up with Shimano to create an axle that is extremely light and stiff, in a tool-free design. You’ll gain a ton of confidence when you’re deep in the rocks, roots, and ruts.

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15QR thru axle


3 positions

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دوشاخ Fox Factory 32 Kashima coat 29 Remote

7,312,500 تومان16,020,000 تومان

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