from 1906 to now
1.1 The beginnings
It was the era of “bicycles”
Bassano del Grappa, summer 1906. The mountains, over the horizon, were just a pleasant background. There was still no foreboding of the martial fury that just a few years later was to violate them and…
1.2 The beginnings
A “romantic” team
Under the symbol of San Giusto’s halberd It was the eve of the Giro d’Italia of 1946, the revival edition. The gazette dedicated the newly formed Wilier Triestina professional team an article th…
2.3 Moments of Glory
Rays of sunshine
“Superlight, high resistance steel pipes, Campagnolo gears, leather racing saddle, frame with patented threaded Wilier galvanic treatment”.In the period immediately after the War, the catalogue, in fo…
2.4 Moments of Glory
The amaranth jersey turns pink
There were thousands of people along the Pordoi pass. They had reached the hairpin bends of the Dolomites with any available means: courier, motorbike, car in some cases, bike and on foot following an…
2.7 Moments of Glory
The pink jersey turns black
At 5 am, the furniture maker Romano Dal Lago drove his van from Montecchio Precalcino. Together with tables, chairs, other furnishings, and the inevitable case of red wine, the cargo contained the bik…
2.8 Moments of Glory
The Giro passes by
Ore 11.00 “I have been sitting for two hours on this wall which runs along the Valsugana state road, next to villa Ca’ Sette. My mother, grandmother and brother Paolo are with me. We are waiting for dad, who has been away from home for three weeks. His work always takes him far away and […]
2.21 Moments of Glory
The end of an age
The decline of Wilier Triestina came quickly and relentlessly when the echo of its maximum glory in sport and business was still resounding. When business starts going downhill it is usually due to se…
3.1 The Gastaldello era
The rebirth of the Halberd
The Lino and Antonio Gastaldello brothers had heard of Wilier Triestina since they were kids. They loved its legend and felt proud of belonging to the land where it had prospered. They lived in Rossan…
3.2 The Gastaldello era
Back to competing
Business was good and the Gastaldello brothers decided to supply their bikes to some performing teams. It was Dino Zandegù, a good racer in the 1950s and 1960s, then sporting director, to convince the…
3.4 The Gastaldello era
The Wilier Triestina Teams
4.1 Wilier Triestina today
Wilier: Milan-San Remo and Giro d’Italia partner
In 2004 Wilier Triestina became the official partner of the Giro Ciclistico d’Italia and the Milan San Remo. The Gastaldello family defined an agreement with RCS, the company organising the two races,…
4.5 Wilier Triestina today
A day to remember
Wednesday 18 May 2005: a date Rossano Veneto will remember for a long time. That day, thanks to the commitment of Wilier Triestina, Selle Italia and the town council, the town became the destination f…
4.9 Wilier Triestina today
Our history becomes the future of cycling
This is the last chapter in the section that celebrates Wilier Triestina’s first hundred year anniversary. Since 2006 Wilier Triestina’s history has been full of important achievements and…

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