Sitting in the saddle sets the world to rights for you. No matter whether you’re out on your own giving it everything you’ve got or out with your mates, riding wheel to wheel to push one another to reach peak performance, you enjoy every turn of the pedals and every kilometre. You look forward to every ascent. Every descent. Every obstacle. Your goal is to go on rides that you’ll never forget. You are driven by the desire to have as much fun as possible and enjoy the ultimate experience.
We at Focus want every moment you spend out on your course to feel unique. And for you and your bike to be the perfect unit. That’s why we don’t build just any bikes. We create performance bikes. Bikes for the ultimate riding experience. That’s what we strive to achieve every single day.
With the commitment and ideas of people who’ve turned their greatest passion into their profession. After all, the roots of both brand and founder are firmly planted in cycle racing. We’re presenting our idea of the perfect bike with our Factory Spec series. Independent from market research, sales strategy or marketing ideas. We know what your idea of the perfect bike is too. Because we listen – and get you involved. On social media. At events. And, above all else, in our Experience campaigns.
We can talk like there’s no tomorrow. But experiences are the best when we share them. In a nutshell, we focus on the perfect performance bike so that you can focus all your energies on your experience. We call that the “German Engineered Experience”.

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