Our goal is to create products for riders that are led by our combined experience of our Seven founding members who have over 65 years of combined industry knowledge. We engage racers, riders, designers, engineers and our manufacturing facilities to constantly push the intelligent design of new products for all types of rider.

We passionately believe in our ideas and want to deliver them to riders who are looking for something above what the market has become used to. We innovate. Our development process involves testing and development in the real world and each one of our products passes the CE safety standards that encompass all the possible impact tests relevant across our sport.

Every piece of our pad range has been designed from the ground up and care has been taken to ensure nothing is left out and nothing included that isn’t needed. Our designers ride every week and develop products in real time, they also engage with our Pro Team who deliver feedback on what can be improved for the highest level of the sport.

From the inception of 7iDP our pro riders have been integral in product development. Here’s a list of just some of the riders we consulted with during our development, many of whom we still work with today*.

Sam Hill*

Steve Peat*

Elliot Heap*

Mark Weir*

Aaron Gwin
Fabien Barel
Josh Bryceland
Neil Donoghue
Justin Leov
Adam Brayton
Kurt Sorge

Our plan is to move forward, the MTB world changes rapidly and our size equals dynamism, we can react to those changes. We have developed protection for Pro riders who want something really specific for racing and put this into mainstream production the following season.

We are always keen to hear from riders who run 7iDP gear so if you have any questions, ideas then fire us an email at contact@7protection.com

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